Wanaka Lake Tree

An early launching of Wanaka Images and Photography

I’ve had this site for a while – it languished perhaps because of timing. After all timing is everything in all things!

Having got my eco site Southern Light to where I wanted it yesterday, I turned my attention to this one.

It needed a look consistent with the aims, so setting it up came well before populating it with good visual content.

Which was just as well as I had no idea FaceBook would be tracking it every time I posted an article or image. The intention was to upload content then release it in the wild in a few weeks.

Consequently the project is launched!

Serendipitously at the same time [today] I’ve just been interviewed by a skilled journalist with the Central Otago News[paper], so along with my back ground pertaining to conservation and the environment I slipped in a mention of Wanaka Images…

… and so its open for business!

It’s a WordPress Multi-site which means any interested person can have their own web site within it, e.g. wanakaimages.com/mysite

Start your own journal blog site, or web site to promote the area, your photography, or business for the introductory offer of $NZ 5.00/month +GST payable in advance. Set up is free.

Also author/photographers, who don’t want a site and the work of maintaining same, are welcome to publish relevant articles/photos for free within wanakaimages.com/my_article_whatever_its_name. These will be moderated to ensure content is appropriate.

Mail me Donald don@southernlight.co.nz to get started

The “tree” today…

Wanaka tree today

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Southern Light's Donald Lousley

To purchase any image by Southern Light / Donald Lousley… …at a high or low resolution, please email Donald at Southern Light for a price and options, stating the subject line at the top of the page where the photo was viewed, and the intention of use for the image, eg web, or print /gloss v. matt paper, and the size required. Printing on textured canvas, aluminium or perspex is a service offered. If no immediate reply/price is forth coming please be aware that authors could be in New Zealand's Southern Alps for many days at a time on photography missions etc., and thus off-line and un-contactable - the delay could be typically 3-4 days at the most.